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Product Tours

The following products all have extended product information in the form of a "Product Tour" which consists of a series of web pages which you can easily step through in a structured manner. Click on Product Tour link to be taken to the tour or the product image to be taken to the product page.

DC Power Supplies

Aim-TTi CPX400DP (CPX Series) DC Bench power supply CPX Series Product Tour
Bench/System/ATE Programmable DC Power Supply Single or Dual Outputs, 360 to 840 watts, with or without Remote Interfaces
Aim-TTi EL155R DC Power supply EL-R Series Product Tour
Bench DC Power Supply, Linear Regulation - Single, Dual or Triple Outputs, analogue control, 30 to 130 watts, silent cooling
Aim-TTi EX2020R (EX-R series) DC power supply EX-R Series Product Tour
Bench DC Power Supply - mixed-mode regulation with analogue controls. Single, dual or triple outputs, 175 to 420 watts
Aim-TTi MX100TP (MX Series) DC bench power supply MX Series Product Tour
Bench/System Multi-Range DC Power Supply with digital control, 3 or 4 Outputs, 315 to 420W with/without Remote Interfaces
Aim-TTi PL303 (PL Series) DC power supply PL Series Product Tour
Bench/System Linear Regulated DC Power Supply with Smart Analog Controls, Single, Dual or Triple Outputs, 48 to 242 watts, with/without Remote Interfaces
Aim-TTi PLH250P (PLH series) DC power supply PLH Series Product Tour
Bench/System Higher Voltage DC Power Supply with linear regulation. Single output 90 watts, 120V or 250V, with/without Remote Interfaces
Aim-TTi QL564P (QL series) DC power supply QL Series product tour
Bench/System Precision Linear Regulated DC Power Supply with digital control, single or triple Outputs, 105 to 242 watts, with/without Remote Interfaces
Aim-TTi QPX750SP and QPX600DP composite QPX Series product tour
Bench/System DC Power Supply with PowerFlex or PowerFlex+ regulation, Single or Dual Outputs up to 1200 watts, with/without Digital Remote Interfaces

Current Probes

Aim-TTi iProber 520 current probe I-prober Product Tour
Positional current probe, PCB track Touch and Measure

Electronic Loads

Aim-TTi LD400 DC Electronic Load LD400 and LD400P Product Tour
Electronic DC Load, 80V, 80A, 400W with/without Remote Interfaces

Spectrum Analyzers

Aim-TTi PSA6005 (PSA Series 5) Spectrum analyzer - in hand PSA Series Product Tour
Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer with 10MHz to 3.6 or 6.0GHz bandwidth options

Source Measure Units

Aim-TTi SMU4201 (SMU4000 Series Source Measure Unit) - front SMU4000 Series Product Tour
Source Measure Unit with 20 and 200V versions

Function Generators

Aim-TTi TG5011 High Performance Function/Arbitrary/Pulse Generator TG251xA and TG501xA series product tours
High Performance Function/Arbitrary/Pulse Generator 25MHz or 50MHz, 1 or 2 Channels
AIM-TTi TGP3121 (TGP3100 Series) Pulse and Function Generator - front TGP 3100 Series Product Tour
Pulse and Universal Generator with 25 or 50MHz models, single or dual channel