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The CPX Series - Single and Dual output PowerFlex Programmable DC Power Supplies

CPX power supplies
CPX series power supplies
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"It's a power supply - what more do I need to know?"

The CPX series includes some new and unique features that are well worth taking a look at.

Maximum control of your power

The CPX Series of laboratory DC power supplies is one of Aim-TTi's most successful product lines.  Tens of thousands of CPX models are in service across the world.

PowerFlex regulation allows them to provide higher currents at lower voltages enabling the power to be tailored to suit a wider variety of applications.

The range includes single and dual output models with a total power ranging from 360 watts up to 840 watts.

Model Range

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CPX200D (New) Dual 180W outputs (60V max./10A max.)
CPX200DP (New) As CPX200D with USB, RS232, LAN/LXI & optional GPIB interfaces
CPX400S Single 420W output (60V max./20A max.)
CPX400SP As CPX400S with USB, RS232, LAN/LXI & optional GPIB interfaces
CPX400SA As CPX400S with isolated analogue remote control
CPX400D Dual 420W outputs (60V max./20A max.)
CPX400DP As CPX400D with USB, RS232, LAN/LXI & optional GPIB interfaces