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CPX Series DC Power Supplies: feature index

The CPX Series has some new and unique features that are well worth taking a look at.
CPX features

Note: the above illustration and power/current figures apply to the CPX400D/DP, but similar features apply to the CPX200D/DP and CPX400S models and are detailed on the specific web pages and in the PDF brochure.

PowerFlex PowerFlex regulation - for maximum flexibility
Dual Outs Two fully independent outputs (D models)
Precision Low noise and good transient response
Tracking Isolated voltage tracking for versatility (D models)
Control True Analog controls - for ease of use
S-Lock S-Lock function - instantly lock settings
Custom Limits Custom Limits - set your exact requirements
Metering Precision Metering - for reduced uncertainty
Automation USB, RS232, LAN & optional GPIB interfaces (P Models)
Rear terminals Duplicate rear terminals (P Models & CPX400SA)
Protection Variable OVP and OCP trips
Compact Compact design uses less bench/rack space
Views DC output switches and "view limits" buttons
Linking Synchronous switching of both outputs (D models)
Safety Safety binding-post connection terminals
Sensing Easy-switch remote or local voltage sensing
Analogue Control Isolated Analog remote control (CPX400SA only)