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CPX DC Power Supplies: CPX400D & CPX400DP

CPX400DP front panel
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Dual 420 watt PowerFlex DC PSUs (840W Total)

High power and dual outputs

CPX400 power envelope The CPX400D and CPX400DP are the highest power variants of the CPX series.PowerFlex regulation enables the 840 watts of total power to be configured to suit each specific application. The two 420 watt outputs can each supply up to 60 volts or up to 20 amps. Please refer to the adjacent power curve chart. Isolated tracking enables the outputs to be wired in series or parallel whilst controlled from a single voltage adjustment for up to 120 volts or 40 amps. The CPX400DP includes rear terminals and USB, RS232 and LXI compliant LAN interfaces with GPIB available as an option.

► Single Output Models Single output versions, CPX400S, CPX400SA and CPX400SP are also available.

CPX400 comparison image