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CPX DC Supplies: Range Control and Custom Limits

CPX range buttons

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Customize your power for a specific applications !

A conventional laboratory power supply (i.e. one which has variable voltage and variable current limit) has two modes of operation - constant voltage or constant current.

On a PowerFlex PSU, however, it is possible to set a current limit that is higher than the capability at a specific voltage. This provides maximum flexibility, but gives the potential for the PSU to enter a power limit mode.

As an alternative to PowerFlex operation the CPX400D can be used as a conventional fixed range power supply of either 60V/7A or 20V/20A at the press of a button.

Fixed range mode ensures that, whatever the load, the output can only be in constant voltage or constant current mode and never in power limit. Additionally finer resolution is provided on the current or voltage controls respectively.

A further button offers full customization of voltage and current limits which can be set to suit the users application. This has the advantage that the controls cover the exact voltage and current range required, providing easier setting and reduced risk of error.

For example, the range could be set to 30V and 14A to create a 30 volt PSU of maximum current capability. Alternatively it could be set to 5V and 3A if this was all that was required for a particular application.

(The CPX200D includes the same features but currents are lower than those quoted above.)

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