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CPX DC Supplies: See what's going on - all of the time

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synchronous on/off button

Individual DC output switches

The individual DC output switches allows you to set up voltage and current levels before you connect to the load.

Surprisingly, many laboratory power supplies lack this basic feature, and require you to use the AC power switch for connection and disconnection.

Synchronous switching of both outputs

For dual output models, the Synchronous On/Off button is in addition to the individual switches for each output, and allows both outputs to be turned on or off synchronously by a single button press.

Synchronous switching of the outputs is of increasing importance for circuitry which can be damaged if one voltage rail is present without the other.

View Settings button

When the output is on, the meters show the actual voltage and current.

Pressing the View V/I Settings button enables the limit settings to be checked and adjusted at any time.