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CPX DC Supplies: PowerFlex Regulation

CPX400 power envelope graph
CPX200 power envelope graph

Choose voltage and current combinations to suit your applications !

The CPX series is a different type of laboratory power supply designed to meet the need for flexibility in the choice of voltage and current.

A conventional PSU has a fixed maximum current limit giving a power capability that reduces directly with the output voltage.

The TTi PowerFlex design of the CPX series enables higher currents to be generated at lower voltages within an overall power limit envelope.

Each output can provide considerably higher current than a conventional PSU of the same maximum voltage and power (see power curve).

Example voltage & current combinations for the CPX400S and CPX400D include 60V/7A, 42V/10A, 28V/15A, and 20V/20A.

Example voltage & current combinations for the CPX200D include 60V/3A, 36V/5A, 24V/7A, and 16V/10A.

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Low noise and good transient response

The CPX Series uses linear final regulation to achieve low output noise even at full power levels.

The linear regulator also ensures good transient response which is up to ten times faster than a conventional switch-mode power supply

Dual Independent Outputs (D models)

The CPX200D and CPX400D have two completely independent and isolated outputs.

Each output can therefore be used as a separate power supply, each capable of providing up to 180/420 watts of power.

Where higher currents, higher voltages, or tracking voltages are required, the V-Track function can be used.

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