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CPX DC Supplies: Compact size for bench or rack mounting

CPX400DP case

Compact design

The CPX series achieves an unusually high power density for a dual output power supply offering up to 840 watts from a case just 212mm wide half rack, 3U).

This gives it a small bench footprint taking up less space on a crowded bench.

For rack-mount application, up to two units can be mounted into a single 3U slot. Overall dimensions are just 212mm wide x 130mm high x 375mm deep.

The single output supply is half that width enabling up to four units to be mounted within one rack width. Overall dimensions are just 107mm wide x 130mm high x 398mm deep.

Front & Rear Terminals (P Models & CPX400SA)

The CPX200DP, CPX400SA, CPX400SP and CPX400DP have power and sense terminals at both the front and the rear making them suitable for a wider range of applications.