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TGxA Series Function, Arbitrary and Pulse Generators product tour

TGxA Series

The TGxA Series from Aim-TTi offers one of the best price-performance ratios of any DDS function generator available. It offers high quality sine and square waves up to 50MHz, noise generation, complex waveshapes, true pulse generator mode with variable rise and fall times, and 128K word arbitrary waveforms.

Single and dual channel versions are available. Extensive internal and external modulation capabilities include AM, FM, PM, PWM & FSK, BPSK & PRBS using any waveshape including noise. Full remote control facilities are available using USB or LXI compliant LAN or optional GPIB. Arbitrary waveforms can be saved and loaded via a front mounted USB flash drive socket.

Two Channel Models

The TG5012A and TG2512A have two identical full-performance channels and represent excellent value for money when compared with purchasing two generators. Read more about the Two Channel Models.

What's New

The TG2511A and TG5011A replace the widely used TG2511 and TG5011. The updated models have a number of new features and improvements. Read more about What's new for existing TG2511/TG5011 users

Model Range

The TG5011A and TG5012A are one or two channels respectively with a maximum sine and square frequency
of 50MHz. TG2511A and TG2512A are lower bandwidth versions with a maximum sine and square wave frequency of 25MHz and proportionately lower frequencies for other waveforms.

Feature Tour

Click through the pages one by one to see a description and illustrations of all the major features. Feature Tour

Technical Specs

Main bullet points plus the technical specifications for the products. Read more here

Product Updates and File Downloads

For downloads of brochures, firmware, drivers and manuals etc, please visit the Aim-TTi Support Page