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TGxA Series Function Generators: phase locking generators

phase lock sync screen
each generator can be set to be a Master or a Slave for phase locking

External Frequency Reference

The generators use a high quality TCXO crystal as the internal frequency reference.

If a higher accuracy or stability is required, an external 10MHz reference signal can be applied to the Reference Clock input.

Phase Locking Two Generators (or more)

Two generators can be synchronized together to provide outputs at the same frequency (or at harmonics) and with a phase difference.

The amplitude and phase of these outputs can also be modulated providing the capability to perform QAM and QPSK respectively.

Any waveform other than pulse can be used, and the phase difference is adjustable between -360.0 and +360.0 to a resolution of 0.1 degrees. Skew is better than 5ns.

When synchronizing two 2-channel generators it is possible to have four closely synchronized and phase adjustable waveforms. It is also possible to synchronize more than two generators but results are not guaranteed.

Included as Standard

These features are included as standard on both the TG501xA and TG251xA, unlike some competitor products for which they are an expensive option.