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TGxA Series Function Generators: Waveform Manager Plus

Waveform Manager Plus (v4)

Waveform Manager Plus is a Windows® based application for creation, editing and management of arbitrary waveforms using a PC

It incorporates a complete suite of tools for waveform creation and editing including standard waveforms, mathematical expressions and freehand drawing. Virtually any waveform can be created using combinations of these tools.

Mathematical Expression Editor

The sophisticated mathematical expression editor allows geometric, logarithmic and pulse functions to be combined to create exact representations of complex signals.

Different expressions can be used for different sections of a waveform and can be combined with imported waveforms or drawn waveforms where mathematical representation is not possible.

Import of Other Waveforms

A general purpose csv parser is incorporated which allows import of any detected column of data in a csv (comma separated variables) file. This is the most widely used format for storing data that can be represented graphically.

Waveforms can be imported to the program and exported from the program using the Windows Clipboard. This enables waveforms to be imported from mathematical programs such as MathCad. Values are automatically normalized and re-scaled.

Waveform export creates multiple clipboard formats of Text (normalized numeric values), Bitmap (as per on-screen display) and Picture (metafile retaining waveform vector properties). Note: Pictures or bitmaps can be pasted into programs such as Word for documentation purposes.

These flexible methods can be used to create arbitrary generator waveforms from signals captured by instruments such as oscilloscopes and network analyzers, or from software such as MathCad.

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