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LD400 Series

Electronic DC Load, 80V, 80A, 400W with/without Remote Interfaces

  • Versatile solution for testing dc power sources
  • Constant current, resistance, conductance, voltage and power modes
  • Wide voltage and current range, 0 to 80V and 0 to 80A
  • 400 watts continuous dissipation at 28°C (360W at 40°C)
  • 600 watts short-term dissipation (up to 60 seconds)
  • Low minimum operating voltage of <1V at 40A
  • High resolution and accuracy for level setting
  • Built-in transient generator with variable slew
  • Current monitor output for waveform viewing
  • Variable drop-out voltage for battery testing
  • High resolution backlit graphic LCD with soft key control
  • Analogue remote control of levels and TTL control of on/off and transient switching
  • Front and rear input terminals (front terminals 30A max.)
  • Full bus control via USB, RS232 and LXI compliant LAN interfaces (LD400P)
  • GPIB option (LD400P only)
Datasheet - (PDF / English)

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Aim-TTi LD400 Electronic Load


Electronic DC Load, 80V, 80A, 400W with analogue control interface only
1 358,00 €
Aim-TTi LD400P Electronic Load


Electronic DC Load, 80V, 80A, 400W with analogue and digital control, USB, RS232 and LAN/LXI interfaces.  GPIB optional
1 604,00 €
Model Price
GPIB Interface Kit
140,00 €
Model Price
4U Rack Mount for CPX, MX, QPX and PL/PLH Series 3U PSUs. 
208,00 €