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LD400P firmware files V1.09/V1.06

Updates to the device firmware may be made available from time to time.  This firmware resides in flash memory and can be updated via the USB interface.  The firmware versions can be checked using the *IDN? query from the remote interface. 

The LD400P uses two firmware files; one for the main hardware and one for the interface board.  This version is a complete firmware update with main firmware V1.09 and interface firmware V1.06.

  • Version 1.04/1.05 fixed a bug for voltages over 65V when read over the automation interfaces.
  • Interface firmware V1.05 included LXI/LAN code updates to fix mDNS related network dropout issues.
  • Main firmware V1.05 was never released.
  • Main firmware V1.06 is a preventative measure that fixes theoretically possible issues with calibration checksums.
  • Interface Firmware V1.06 fixes intermittent LAN dropout issues
  • Main firmware V1.07 introduces a battery test feature - this is documented in Issue 5 of the operation manual
  • Main firmware versions 1.08 and 1.09 were required for manufacturing processes and the only change visible to the end user is an additional message on trip which says "Check Voltage Sense Switch".  This is to reduce the chance of a non-faulty unit being returned because of remote sense being enabled but disconnected.

This firmware is applied using the Firmware update utility linked to below which also includes instructions.

Language(s): English
Resource Type: Firmware File
Link: LD400P_ALL_109_106.hex

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