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DC Power Supplies

  • New MX Series 2 Quad channel models
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Laboratory DC power supplies intended for standard bench-top applications or remote control and system use.

Single, dual, triple and quad output models with power from 30 watts up to 1200 watts. Isolated outputs with automatic CV/CI crossover enabling series and parallel connection. Linear, Mixed-mode or PowerFlex regulation. Remote control models with variants of Analogue, USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN/LXI interfacesConvection or quiet fan cooled, fitted with Aim-TTi safety terminals and most models feature remote sense.

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Aim-TTi CPX400DP (CPX Series) DC Bench power supply
Bench/System/ATE Programmable DC Power Supply Single or Dual Outputs, 360 to 840 watts, with or without Remote Interfaces
Aim-TTi QPX750SP and QPX600DP composite
Bench/System DC Power Supply with PowerFlex or PowerFlex+ regulation, Single or Dual Outputs up to 1200 watts, with/without Digital Remote Interfaces
Aim-TTi MX100TP (MX Series) DC bench power supply
Bench/System Multi-Range DC Power Supply with digital control, 3 or 4 Outputs, 315 to 420W with/without Remote Interfaces
Aim-TTi TSX3510P (TSX Series) DC Power supply
Bench/System silent DC Power Supply with mixed-mode regulation - single output up to 360 watts, with/without remote interfaces
Aim-TTi QL564P (QL series) DC power supply
Bench/System Precision Linear Regulated DC Power Supply with digital control, single or triple Outputs, 105 to 242 watts, with/without Remote Interfaces
Aim-TTi PL303 (PL Series) DC power supply
Bench/System Linear Regulated DC Power Supply with Smart Analog Controls, Single, Dual or Triple Outputs, 48 to 242 watts, with/without Remote Interfaces
Aim-TTi PLH250P (PLH series) DC power supply
Bench/System Higher Voltage DC Power Supply with linear regulation. Single output 90 watts, 120V or 250V, with/without Remote Interfaces
Aim-TTi EX2020R (EX-R series) DC power supply
Bench DC Power Supply - mixed-mode regulation with analogue controls. Single, dual or triple outputs, 175 to 420 watts
Aim-TTi EL155R DC Power supply
Bench DC Power Supply, Linear Regulation - Single, Dual or Triple Outputs, analogue control, 30 to 130 watts, silent cooling

Power Supply Technologies

Linear Regulation

Pure linear regulation still provides the lowest output noise and best transient response. The disadvantage is greater physical size and weight for a given power, together with higher heat output.

Mixed-Mode Regulation

For higher power levels, Aim-TTi have developed a technology that uses switch-mode pre-regulation and linear final regulation. This technique combines exceptional efficiency with noise levels that are close to that of pure linear supplies.

PowerFlex and PowerFlex+ Autoranging

Most laboratory power supplies (PSUs) offer a fixed maximum voltage and maximum current capability. Thus, for example, a 35V/20A PSU can supply up to 700 watts, but its power capability falls in direct proportion to the output voltage so that when being used at 12V, for example, the maximum power has reduced to 240W.  The TTi PowerFlex system uses a modified form of mixed-mode regulation to provide higher levels of current when the voltage is set to lower values.  PowerFlex supplies have an auto-ranging or semi constant power characteristic so that the current capability rises as the voltage falls and offer a near constant power output over a limited range. Thus, for example, the QPX1200 can provide up to 60V or up to 50A within a total power limit of 1200W. This means that the maximum voltage and the maximum current are not available simultaneously and care must be taken when interpreting the specifications. Although producing slightly higher noise levels than the standard mixed-mode regulation, performance is still excellent. Both the CPX and QPX series use PowerFlex with linear post regulation to provide wider output voltage and current capabilities with low noise.

Quad-mode switching

The main outputs on most Aim-TTi power supplies are isolated and have automatic crossover between constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CI) modes. This allows wiring in series or parallel in order to achieve higher voltages or higher currents. The PL series also features "quad-mode" switching on dual and triple output variants which allows push-button selection of four modes of operation - isolated, series, series-tracking, or parallel.

Multi-Range Outputs

The output channels of some Aim-TTi power supplies can be configured to give a higher maximum voltage or a higher maximum current at the same power to suit different applications extending their flexibility. For example the MX100T outputs can be 0-16V at up to 6A or 0-35V at up to 3A. This means that the maximum voltage (here 35V) and the maximum current (here 6A) are not available simultaneously as they are in different ranges and care must be taken when interpreting the specifications. In the MX series, multiple ranges can be combined with Power Sharing - see below:

Power Sharing

On some multi-channel power supplies, the channels can be reconfigured so that two channels are wired internally to connect to the same output terminals in series or parallel, providing double the power and either double the voltage or double the current respectively. In these configurations the output terminals of the second channel are unused.