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About LXI

LXI stands for LAN Extensions for Instrumentation and is a set of standards which define how test instruments communicate over an Ethernet connection. As the name implies, it is an extension to standard networking protocols aimed at allowing interoperability of test equipment from different manufacturers over standard computer networks. The standard is developed and maintained by the LXI Consortium.

LXI Enabled Products from Aim-TTi

The following product series all contain one or more product variant with an LXI compliant LAN interface:
AIM-TTi 1908 True RMS Programmable multimeter - front
5.5 digit Dual Measurement Bench Multimeter
Aim-TTi CPX400DP (CPX Series) DC Bench power supply
Bench/System/ATE Programmable DC Power Supply
Aim-TTi LD400 DC Electronic Load
Electronic DC Load, 80V, 80A, 400W
Aim-TTi LDH400P DC Electronic Load
Electronic DC Load, 500V, 16A, 400W
Aim-TTi MX100TP (MX Series) DC bench power supply
Bench/System Multi-Range DC Power Supply
Aim-TTi PL303 (PL Series) DC power supply
Bench/System Linear Regulated DC Power Supply
Aim-TTi PLH250P (PLH series) DC power supply
Bench/System Higher Voltage DC Power Supply
Aim-TTi QL564P (QL series) DC power supply
Bench/System Precision Linear Regulated DC Power Supply
Aim-TTi QPX750SP and QPX600DP composite
Bench/System DC Power Supply
Aim-TTi SMU4201 (SMU4000 Series Source Measure Unit) - front
Source Measure Unit
Aim-TTi TG5011 High Performance Function/Arbitrary/Pulse Generator
High Performance Function/Arbitrary/Pulse Generator
Aim-TTi TGF4242 Function Generator (TGF4000 Series) - front
Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator
AIM-TTi TGP3121 (TGP3100 Series) Pulse and Function Generator - front
Pulse and Universal Generator
TGR2053 (New TGR2050 Series) - front
RF Signal Generator
Aim-TTi TSX3510P (TSX Series) DC Power supply
Bench/System silent DC Power Supply with mixed-mode regulation