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LD400 and LD400P Programmable DC Electronic Loads

LD400P front panel

LD400 & LD400P

  • Versatile solution for testing dc power sources
  • Constant current, resistance, conductance, voltage and power modes
  • Wide voltage and current range, 0 to 80V and 0 to 80A
  • 400 watts continuous dissipation at 28°C (360W at 40°C)
  • 600 watts short-term dissipation (up to 60 seconds)
  • Low minimum operating voltage of <1V at 40A
  • High resolution and accuracy for level setting
  • Built-in transient generator with variable slew
  • Current monitor output for waveform viewing
  • Variable drop-out voltage for battery testing
  • High resolution backlit graphic LCD with soft key control
  • Analogue remote control of levels and TTL control of on/off and transient switching
  • Front and rear input terminals (front terminals 30A max.)
  • Full bus control via USB, RS232 and LXI compliant LAN interfaces, with optional GPIB (LD400P)

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The LD400 and LD400P DC Electronic Loads

Versatile and inexpensive load testing

The LD400 is an inexpensive 400 watt electronic load which is suitable for testing and characterizing a wide variety of dc power sources.

It can be used to investigate the behaviour of many different types of power source such as batteries and solar cells, as well as electronic power supply units.

Its wide voltage/current range, multiple operating modes and built-in transient generator give it the versatility to offer test solutions from the design laboratory through to the component test area.

The LD400P adds full bus remote control via USB, RS-232, GPIB and LAN (Ethernet) interfaces.

80 volts, 80 amps and up to 600 watts

Subject to its maximum power ratings, the LD400 can operate at up to 80 volts or up to 80 amps.

It can operate at power levels up to 600 watts for periods of up to 1 minute. Short term loading can be sufficient for many testing applications and significantly extends the usefulness.

Low minimum operating voltage

The LD400 can operate at voltages below 500mV for currents up to 10 amps. At higher currents the fixed minimum resistance (typically better than 25milliOhms) gradually raises the minimum operating voltage, but it remains below 1 volt up to 40 amps and below 2 volts up to 80 amps.

This low operating voltage allows it to be used for many low voltage applications for which other electronic loads are unsuitable.

Multiple modes of operation

The LD400 can operate in constant current, constant resistance, constant conductance, constant voltage or constant power modes.

Transient generator and variable slew

The LD400 incorporates a full variable frequency, variable duty cycle transient generator.

Switching between the two preset levels can be done at any frequency between 0.01Hz and 10kHz. The transient generator can be used in all operating modes. The rate of change between levels (slew rate) is controllable over a wide range.

Remote control for system applications

remote control interface logos The LD400P incorporates USB, RS232 and LXI compliant LAN interfaces with GPIB available as an option. These provide full remote control and read-back capabilities and are supported by an IVI driver for high level language applications.

Duplicate power and sense terminals are incorporated at the rear. The compact half-rack 3U size saves space. A rack mount suitable for one or two units is available.