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LD400 and LD400P DC Electronic Loads: Analogue Remote

Rear panel analogue control

Analogue Remote Control

The LD400 incorporates analogue remote control for all modes of operation.

When “external voltage” is selected the level becomes linearly proportional to the voltage applied to the remote control inputs on the rear panel.

Any waveform can be used as the control voltage allowing complex load conditions to be simulated using, for example, an arbitrary waveform generator.

Alternatively, a logic signal can be used to switch between levels. When “external TTL” is selected, the level is switched between the two defined levels in response to an external logic signal.

Current waveform monitor

It is often important to be able to observe the load current waveform on an oscilloscope. The LD400 provides a calibrated monitor output (front and rear) for this purpose as well as a sync output from the transient generator.

The monitor output has several volts of compliance with respect to the load input, thus allowing it to be connected to a grounded oscilloscope without current diversion.