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LD400 and LD400P DC Electronic Loads: Multiple Modes of Operation

Constant current, constant resistance

Constant Current or Constant Resistance

Constant current (CC) mode is used for load testing of normal voltage-source power supplies and for constant current discharge testing of batteries.

This mode provides rapid measurement of power source regulation (V/I characteristics).

Constant resistance (CR) mode simulates a standard resistive load by providing a current drain proportional to voltage. Settings are displayed in Ohms or milli-Ohms. Unlike fixed resistors or rheostats, the load provides a precisely controllable resistance with high power dissipation and high temperature stability over a wide value range.

Constant conductance (CG) mode is also incorporated. As well as showing settings in amps per volt, this mode provides better resolution when setting very low equivalent resistance values
Constant power, constant voltage

Constant Power or Constant Voltage

Constant power (CP) mode simulates a load whose power consumption is independent of the applied voltage. This is true of many types of equipment that incorporate switch-mode regulators.

This mode may be particularly suitable for testing power sources of portable devices such as Lithium-ion batteries.

Constant voltage (CV) mode is used for load testing of constant current power supplies. The unit operates as a high power shunt regulator.