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LD400 and LD400P DC Electronic Loads: Wide Range inputs

LD400P front panel

Wide Current and Voltage Range

The LD400 can operate at up to 80 amps or up to 80 volts subject to the maximum continuous power rating of 400 watts at up to 28 degree ambient (360W at 40deg.).

600 watts intermittent power

The LD400 can operate at power levels up to 600 watts for periods of up to 1 minute.

Short term loading can be sufficient for many testing applications and significantly extends the usefulness of the LD400.

Low minimum operating voltage

The LD400 can operate at voltages below 500mV for currents up to 10 amps.

At higher currents the fixed minimum resistance (typically better than 25 milliOhms) gradually raises the minimum operating voltage, but it remains below 1 volt up to 40 amps and below 2 volts up to 80 amps.

This low operating voltage allows it to be used for many low voltage applications for which other electronic loads are unsuitable.