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Linear Regulated Precision Programmable Power Supplies

QL Series II

True Linear Regulation with Precision Control

The QL Series II is the latest and highest performance linear regulated power supply series from TTi.

Single and triple output models are available. Each model can be specified with or without digital remote control interfaces.

Each main output provides more than 100 watts of power, and dual range capability offers higher currents at lower voltages.

New features include an enhanced auxiliary output with fully variable voltage and higher current capability on T models, and an LXI compliant LAN interface on all P models.

Quick Summary with Specifications

What's changed for existing QL users? - see the differences between the original QL series and the QL series II.

QL35510-35V/0-3A or 0-15V/0-5A-105W-Front Only
QL56410-56V/0-2A or 0-25V/0-4A-112W-Front Only
QL355T32 x 0-35V/0-3A or 0-15V/0-5A1-6V/3A228W-Front Only
QL564T32 x 0-56V/0-2A or 0-25V/0-4A1-6V/3A242A-Front Only
QL355P10-35V/0-3A or 0-15V/0-5A-105WRS232/USB/GPIB/LANFront/Rear
QL564P10-56V/0-2A or 0-25V/0-4A-112WRS232/USB/GPIB/LANFront/Rear
QL355TP32 x 0-35V/0-3A or 0-15V/0-5A1-6V/3A228WRS232/USB/GPIB/LANFront/Rear
QL564TP32 x 0-56V/0-2A or 0-25V/0-4A1-6V/3A242ARS232/USB/GPIB/LANFront/Rear