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QL Series II DC Supplies: What's Changed from Series I?

settings memories

All Models - Extra settings memories

The QL Series II incorporates 50 memories for each main output.

On triple output models, there are also 10 memories for the auxiliary output, plus a further 50 memories for linked mode operation. Other new facilities include the ability to completely lock-out front panel operation.
Aux output

Triple Output Models - Enhanced auxiliary output

The QL series II triple output models incorporate a new auxiliary output which is fully variable between 1.00V and 6.00V, replacing the fixed voltages of the original series. Current output has been increased from 1A to 3A, and voltage and current metering is provided at the touch of a button.

QL-P Models - LAN (Ethernet) interface - with LXI

All QL-P series II models incorporate an LXI conformant LAN interface in addition to the USB, RS232 and GPIB interfaces.

Fully backwards compatible

The QL-P series II can be used as a drop-in replacement for existing QL-P series models without any code changes. Physical sizes are unchanged.
power display

All Models - Continuous VxA power display

The QL series II now provides continuous indication of calculated power (V x A) rather than the instantaneous value.