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QL Series II DC Supplies: Link Mode

link mode
sync on/off

Triple output models: Link mode and Synchronous On/Off

Linked mode convenience

The triple output models have two identical outputs which are both independent and isolated.

Illuminated keys selects which output is to be adjusted and provide unambiguous indication.

In situations where the user wishes to set similar voltages or currents on both outputs, "linked" mode is available. When linked, all adjustments are applied to both outputs simultaneously.

Linked mode can provide tracking outputs and is particularly useful when the user wishes to wire the outputs in series or parallel to obtain higher voltages or currents. A "copy" function allows all of the settings of one output to be duplicated on the other prior to linking.

For even greater flexibility, the outputs can be linked when set to different voltages or currents allowing separate settings to be loaded into the linked-mode memories for simultaneous recall.

Comprehensive output control - synchronous On/Off

Each output has its own illuminated dc on/off key providing completely independent control.

For situations where power needs to be connected or disconnected from all three outputs together, master on/off keys are also provided.

Synchronous switching of supply rails is increasingly important when working with circuits which will not tolerate one supply rail being present alone.