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TGP3100 Series Pulse and Universal Generators, single or dual channels, 50MHz or 25MHz

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True Pulse Generators

The TGP3100 Series are true pulse generators using all digital techniques. They can replicate the capabilities of traditional pulse generators whilst adding many additional facilities such as pulse modulations.

Unlike DDS based function generators the TGP3100 Series can generate pulses up to 50MHz with very low jitter and high resolution of width and delay (100ps). They can also operate in an asynchronously triggered mode with low jitter. A high drive capability output stage enables up to 20 volts pk-pk to be driven into a 50 Ohm load.

with Universal Waveform capabilities

As well as operating as pulse generators, the instruments can act as high performance noise generators and as function/arbitrary generators - making them truly universal waveform generators.

Noise Generator

As a noise generator, the TGP3100 series offers fully variable noise bandwidth from 1mHz up to 25MHz. Noise amplitude distribution can be Gaussian (with variable crest factor) or fully user defined.

Function Generator

The TGP3100 Series can operate as a high performance function generator at up to 50MHz. Sixteen standard waveforms include sine, square, triangle, ramps, sinc, cardiac, plus logarithmic, exponential and gaussian shapes.

Arbitrary Generator

With an 800MS/s sample clock, the TGP3100 series can perform as high speed arbitrary generators with 16-bit vertical resolution and up to 4096 waveform points.

feature icon: Two channels - independent or coupled feature icon: LAN, USB, LXI and GPIB interfaces feature icon: Phase locking feature icon: 20V p-p into 50 Ohms

  Pulse   Generator

feature icon: 50MHz pulses feature icon: exceptional precision feature icon: independent pulse edges feature icon: Low jitter and asynchronous operation feature icon: double pulse PRBS pattern feature icon: multiple modulation options feature icon: swept pulses feature icon: trigger and bursts

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Universal Generator

feature icon: 50MHz function generator feature icon: 16bit arbitrary waveforms feature icon: Noise generator feature icon: complex waveforms feature icon: digital modulation feature icon: sweep and burst feature icon: waveform manager software feature icon: USB flash storage

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