TGP3100 Series Pulse Generators: Multiple Pulse Modes

Double Pulse screen

Pulse Pattern generation

PRBS Waveforms screen

Double Pulse Operation

Double pulse mode generates two identical pulses in each cycle with fully variable delay between the two. All other pulse mode capabilities are retained.

Four patterns can be stored internally with any number of patterns storable using the Flash drive interface.

Each pattern can be allocated a “preamble” which is a part of the pattern that is only played once, with the remainder being repeated continuously or as defined by burst settings.

Patterns can be created or edited using the built-in pattern editor, or externally on a PC using the supplied Waveform Manager Plus software.

Pattern Generation

The TGP3100 Series can generate user defined patterns of up to 65536 bits at speeds up to 50Mbps (25Mbps on TGP312x models). Edge speeds are fully variable.

Waveform length is up to 4096 samples. Four waveforms can be stored within the instrument with unlimited numbers available using the Flash drive interface or uploaded from the digital interfaces.

PRBS Generation

PRBS (Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence) is available at speeds up to 50Mbps (25Mbps on TGP312x models). Edge speeds are fully variable.

A PRBS is a binary waveform with a sequence that is almost impossible to predict. PRBS waveforms are used within secure communications systems.

A PRBS is generated by a linear-feedback shift register with taps that generate a feedback signal via an exclusive-OR gate. The number of stages determines the sequence length (2N-1) whilst the clock frequency determines the bit rate. LFSR lengths between 7 and 31 can be selected giving pattern lengths up to 2,147,483,647 bits.