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TGP3100 Series Pulse Generators: Internal and External Storage

Filing System screen

Filing System - internal

Patterns, Waveforms and Set-up files can be given user-defined names within the instrument.

Filing System - USB

A front mounted USB socket is incorporated for connection of flash memory disk drives which can store up to 1,000 patterns or waveforms and 1,000 setups.

Unlimited Waveform/Pattern Storage

These drives can be used both to store waveforms permanently and to transfer waveforms from or to a PC.

Arbitrary waveform storage within the instrument is limited to four patterns and four waveforms. Each flash drive can store up to 1000 patterns/waveforms which can be accessed using the instruments file handling utilities.

Storage of Instrument Set-ups

Up to nine complete set-ups of the instrument can be stored within its own non-volatile memory. Up to 1000 further set-ups can be stored on each flash drive.