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TGP3100 Series Pulse Generators: Full Function/Arbitrary Generator up to 50MHz

Function Generator screen
Multiple Waveform types

Arbitrary Waveforms screen

Full Function/Arbitrary Generator

As well as operating as a pulse generator and noise generator, the TGP3100 Series can operate as a high performance function and arbitrary generator.

Waveform frequency is settable from 1mHz up to 50MHz (25MHz on TGP312x models) with 11 digit or 1mHz resolution.

Standard waveforms include Sine, Rectangular, Ramps, Sin(x)/x, Haversine, Logarithmics, Exponentials, Gaussian/Lorentz and Cardiac.

Arbitrary Waveforms

As an arbitrary generator sampling rate is an impressive 800MS/s enabling relatively complex wave-shapes to be replayed at high frequencies.

Waveform length is up to 4096 samples. Four waveforms can be stored within the instrument with unlimited numbers available using the Flash drive interface or uploaded from the digital interfaces.

High Output Levels

As an arbitrary/function generator, the TGP3100 Series retains it high output level capability that can drive 20 volts pk-pk in 50 Ohms.

See the feature page for "20Vpk-pk into 50 Ohms".