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TGP3100 Series Pulse Generators: Locking to Other Sources

Phase Lock screen

Locking to Other Sources

The TGP3100 Series includes external reference and phase locking as standard.

External Frequency Reference

The generators use a high quality TCXO crystal as the internal frequency reference providing 1ppm accuracy and stability.
If a higher accuracy or stability is required, an external 10MHz reference signal (from an off-air standard for example) can be applied to the Ref. Clock input.

Phase Locking Two Generators, or more

Two generators can be synchronized to provide outputs at the same frequency (or at harmonics) and with a phase difference.

The amplitude and phase of these outputs can also be modulated providing the capability to perform QAM and QPSK respectively.
Any waveform other than Patterns/PRBS or Noise can be used. The phase difference is adjustable between -360.0 and +360.0 to a resolution of 0.001 degrees.

N.B. In the case of two channel generators, when phase synchronizing is performed the two channels of each generator are also synchronized providing four synchronous waveforms.
It is also possible to synchronize more than two generators but the resulting precision is not specified.