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TGP3100 Series Pulse Generators: Applications replacing older pulse generators

HP 8112A

Philips PM7515
Frequencies can be entered in any units

Replacing Older Pulse Generators

The TGP3100 Series can replace older type pulse generators manufactured by Hewlett Packard, Racal, Philips, Wavetek and others within existing test systems.

This is because of the true pulse generator characteristics that include asynchronous operation.

The IVI driver provides a recognized command set for easy incorporation into existing systems.

Application Examples

  • Stress testing designs adding defined jitter and or delay
  • Clock frequency simulation, with glitch-free pulse parameter changes
  • Data sequencing patterns for Serial data testing (Pattern Generation)
  • Asynchronous pulse signal conditioning
  • Op Amp slew rate and asymmetrical characterization
  • Propagation delay testing.

Model Range

  • TGP3121: 25MHz, 1 channel
  • TGP3151: 50MHz, 1 channel
  • TGP3122: 25MHz, 2 channels
  • TGP3152: 50MHz, 2 channels
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