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TGP3100 Series Pulse Generators: Waveform Modulations

Waveform Modulation screen

Digital Modulation, Internal & External

As with pulse waveforms, all function and arbitrary waveforms can be digitally modulated.

The internal modulation source can use any of the standard or arbitrary waveforms currently within the generator (including noise and PRBS) thus removing the need for an external modulation source. A modulating frequency between 1mHz and 10MHz can be specified.

An external modulation input enables any external waveform source to be used when required. The external bandwidth is DC to 5MHz.

AM, AM-SC, FM and PM

Waveforms can be modulated using amplitude, suppressed carrier amplitude, frequency or phase modulation.

Amplitude depth is variable from 0.0% to 100.0%, frequency deviation from zero to Fmax, and phase deviation from -360.0 to +360.0 degrees.

Waveform Sum

Sum modulation adds the modulating waveform to the carrier. It can be used with all carrier waveform types along with any modulating waveform.


Frequency shift keying between any two frequencies is available for sine, square, ramp or arbitrary waveforms using the internal trigger generator or an external trigger signal.

The internal trigger generator is variable between 2mHz and 50MHz (25MHz on TGP312x models).

BPSK (Binary Phase Shift Keying) is similar to FSK but it is the carrier’s phase, rather than its frequency, that switches between two values. It has advantages in terms of bandwidth used.


A PRBS waveform can be used as a modulating waveform at bit rates between 1mbps to 10Mbps.