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TGP3100 Series Pulse Generators: Pulse Modulations and Sweep

Pulse Width Modulation

Pulse Amplitude Modulation

Pulse Sweep screen

Extensive Pulse Modulations

In addition to pulse width modulation (PWM) the TGP3100 Series offers pulse delay modulation, amplitude modulation, amplitude summing with other waveforms, frequency and phase modulations, plus FSK frequency keying and BPSK phase shift keying.

The modulation source can be internal or external. A very wide range of internal modulating waveforms are available.

Modulating with Noise and Jitter Simulation

As well all of the standard modulating waveforms of sine, square, ramp (and more than a dozen others) waveforms can be modulated using noise, or summed with noise.

For example, PDM can be used to create jitter simulation by randomly modulating the edge positions.

The noise source if fully controllable in terms of noise bandwidth and amplitude distribution.

Pulse Sweep

Pulse repetition frequency can be swept over the full frequency range with fully variable up, down and dwell times. Sweeps can be linear or logarithmic. The sweep trigger source can be internal or external.

A marker pulse can be generated from the Sync output at any frequency within the sweep span.