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TGP3100 Series Pulse Generators: Waveform Editing on a PC

Waveman+ screen
* Windows is a trademark of Microsoft inc.

Waveform Manager Plus (v4)

Waveform Manager Plus (version 4) is a Windows* based application for creation, editing and management of arbitrary waveforms and pulse patterns using a PC.

It incorporates a complete suite of tools for waveform creation and editing including standard waveforms, mathematical expressions and freehand drawing.

The program offers direct import from .csv files, the most commonly used format for graphical description. Additionally a Clipboard import function supports any waveform that can be described by a set of Y-axis data points regardless of their format.

Any instrument or waveform generating program that can create a list of Y values can therefore be accommodated. This is a highly flexible method which can be used to create arbitrary generator waveforms from signals captured by instruments such as oscilloscopes and network analyzers, or from software such as MathCad.