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TGP3100 Series Pulse Generators: True Asynchronous Operation, Low Jitter

Waveform Jitter comparison
comparison of repetitive asynchronously triggered pulses, TGP3100 Series and a conventional generator

Low Jitter Asynchronous Operation

Unlike a function generator, the TGP3100 Series can generate pulses in response to an external trigger signal with minimal jitter.

It achieves this using a compensation system that conventional generators can not replicate.

Asynchronous pulse generation mode retains the ability to set width, delay and edge times with high precision.

Pulse Delay Generation

The combination of low-jitter asynchronous operation with high resolution pulse delay setting enables the TGP3100 Series to operate as highly accurate delay generators.

Pulse Reconstruction - External Width mode

A further asynchronous mode allows the pulse output to follow both edges of the trigger signal, thus acting as a pulse reconstruction engine with fully variable level and edge speed.

This is sometimes referred to as External Width mode.