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TGP3100 Series Pulse Generators: True Pulse Generator up to 50MHz

Pulse Width screen

Variable Rise and Fall

Pulses at up to 50MHz

The TGP3100 Series offers pulse repetition rates of up to 50MHz combined with precise control of pulse width, pulse delay and edge speeds.

Exceptional Pulse Precision

The TGP3100 Series offers pulse widths from 10ns to 800s with a resolution of 100ps. Pulse delay has a similar range and resolution.

This differs markedly from the pulse function of most DDS function generators where width and delay are defined by the system clock period and are one to two orders of magnitude less precise.

Pulse repetition frequency can be set between 1mHz and 50MHz (25MHz for TGP312x models) with up to 11 digits of resolution.

Independently variable Rise and Fall times

The main output has a best rise time of 5ns (8ns on TGP312x models) and has fully variable edge times up to hundreds of seconds to a resolution of 0.1ns.

Rise and fall can be set together, or set independently. There are no limitations on rise time imposed by the pulse width.