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PSA Series 2 hand-held RF spectrum analyzers: Power Options

PSA Series 2 battery life indication
PSA Series 2 Power Auto-off option

Battery Life

At normal screen brightness the instrument can operate for more than eight hours from each charge from its high capacity Li-Ion battery.

The multi-segment battery indicator turns yellow when the remaining time falls below about 1 hour, and to red when only 20 minutes remain. The approximate time in hours and minutes is also shown within the status screens. To further conserve battery life, it can be set to turn off automatically at a fixed time from the last key press (5 mins to 60 mins). No data is lost at switch-off.

External Power

The supplied AC power unit can recharge a fully discharged battery in less than three hours. The instrument can be operated continuously from AC power. Power control circuitry ensures that the battery can not be overcharged.

It is also possible to slow-charge the battery from a USB port.