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PSA Series 2 hand-held RF spectrum analyzers: Full filing system

File management on screen

Full filing system with unlimited storage

The built-in filing system provides extensive storage for traces, screen images, set-ups, limit patterns*, compensation tables* and logging files* via a large Flash based disk.

disk light Up to 999 files of each type can be stored using either default file names or user defined names entered via an alpha-numeric keypad.

File storage can be further increased by the use of USB Flash drives, or by direct connection to a PC.

A real-time clock appends date and time stamping to each entry. File utilities enable copying, deletion or renaming of files. A disk activity light is incorporated.

Trace and image files can be saved using a single key "quick save" mode without exiting the sweep display.

* Limit patterns, compensation tables and logging files require option U01.