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PSA Series 5

Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer with 10MHz to 3.6 or 6.0GHz bandwidth options

True hand-held battery powered RF spectrum analyzers.

  • 10MHz to 3600MHz or 6000MHz frequency range
  • Resolution bandwidths from 300Hz to 10MHz (1:3:10)
  • -120dBm typical noise floor at -40dBm ref. level/10kHz RBW
  • Measurement in dBm or dBµV, mV or µW
  • Zero span mode with AM and FM audio demodulation
  • Trace modes of normal, peak hold and trace average
  • Live, View and Reference traces in contrasting colours
  • Twin markers with readout of absolute & difference values
  • Smart marker movement with selectable peak tracking
  • Frequency counter with down to 10Hz resolution
  • Frequency presets and independent state storage
  • Auto-find automatically sets sweep parameters for the highest signal found
  • Unlimited storage for waveforms, set-ups and screens
  • User assignable file names, file stamping from real-time clock
  • USB interfaces for Flash drives and PC connection
  • Comprehensive status and context sensitive help screens
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery giving more than 3 hours continuous operation from a charge
  • Smaller and lighter than other spectrum analyzers (weight only 0.56 kg)

** Additional features - with option U02:-

  • High Resolution Scan Mode - up to 210,000 points with pan and zoom
  • Limit lines and limit patterns with limits comparator
  • Data logging of peak values, complete traces or screen images from timer, external trigger or limits comparator
  • Automatic Measurements for CP, ACPR and OBW
  • Waveform demodulation for AM and FM signals
  • Sweep triggering from external trigger or limits comparator
  • Compensation tables, fixed offsets and 75R compensation
  • Custom Presets - fast change for repetitive setups
  • Capability to show screen contents on a PC

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Model Price


Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer 6.0GHz, with Option U02, Case and Accessories
2 442,00 €


Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer 6.0GHz
2 177,00 €


Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer 3.6GHz, with Option U02, Case and Accessories
2 108,00 €


Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer 3.6GHz
1 842,00 €
Model Price
PSA U02 Option
PSA Series 5 Features Upgrade
198,00 €
Model Price
Cable and Connector Kit for PSA series spectrum analyzers
61,00 €
Vehicle Charger (12V/24V) for PSA series spectrum analyzers
20,00 €
Wideband telescopic antenna SMA/N/BNC
36,00 €
Travel case for PSA Series 2 or Series 5 Spectrum analyzer.
68,00 €

Product Tours

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Firmware Files

PSA Series 5 firmware update V3.00 - (ZIP / English) info icon


USB Driver V2.11 - (ZIP / English) info icon


PSA Series 5 spectrum analyzers datasheet - (PDF / English) info icon


PSA-Manager Changes - (PDF / English) info icon
PSA-Manager User Guide V2 - (PDF / English) info icon
PSA-Manager User Guide V3 - (PDF / English) info icon
PSA6005 & PSA3605 Breve guida in Italiano - Issue 3 - (PDF / Italian) info icon
PSA6005 & PSA3605 English ShortGuide - Issue 3 - (PDF / English) info icon
PSA6005 & PSA3605 Guia rapida en es Espanol - Issue 3 - (PDF / Spanish) info icon
PSA6005 & PSA3605 Guide succinct en Francais - Issue 3 - (PDF / French) info icon
PSA6005 & PSA3605 Kurzanleitung - Issue 3 - (PDF / German) info icon
PSA6005 3605 Instruction Manual - Issue 7 - (PDF / English) info icon

Software / Apps

PSA Manager V3.0 - (EXE / English) info icon
PSA View V1.10 - (ZIP / English) info icon
Software Option Unlock Key File Generation - (HTML / English) info icon