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PSA Series U01 and U02 Option Features

The PSA Series spectrum analyzers can have their functionality extended by installation of a software option.  The download on this page is a PDF excerpt from the instruction manual where fuller details are provided of the features enabled by the PSA Series 2 U01 Option and PSA Series 5 U02 Option.  The PSA Series 3 uses the same option code (U01) as the Series 2.  The Series of a PSA analyzer is given by the last digit of the model number, so for instance a PSA2703 is a Series 3 unit.  Analyzers that were purchased with the part number ending in USC (e.g., PSA2703USC) come as part of a kit with the U01 or U02 option pre-installed.

You can find out if the U01/U02 option is installed on an instrument by going to "Setup/Functions"  → "Status/System” and look at page 1 (use arrows or status button to change page).

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Link: AIM-PSA_Upgrade_Options.pdf