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Test Bridge PSA Software

Test Bridge PSA is software for use with the PSA Series of hand-held Spectrum Analyzers (PSA Series 2, Series 3 and Series 5) with Option U01 (for series 2 and 3) or Option U02 for Series 5 units - this option is pre-installed on PSA units with the USC suffix. The last digit of the model number indicates the series so PSA2703USC is a series 3 unit and the USC indicates that it is supplied as a kit and has the U01 option pre-installed.

Test Bridge PSA is intended to replace PSA View and PSA Manager software. Its main functions are:

  • Create and edit limit pattern, compensation table and marker files.
  • Create limit pattern files from Log, Scan and Trace files.
  • Open data files for further analysis.
  • Live view of the PSA display

The download is a .zip file containing a Windows MSI installer with installation instructions and instruction manual in PDF format.

This is a full release - the version is given in the file name below.

Language(s): English
Resource Type: Software / App