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PSA Series 5 hand-held RF spectrum analyzers: Offsets and Compensation Tables

Offset menu

Fixed Offsets

Fixed offsets* can be added or subtracted from the displayed reference level to compensate for external attenuation or gain.

Offsets can be set between +50.0dB and -50.0dB.

75 Ohm Compensation

75 Ohm Compensation* can be made to correct the level indication for signals from a 75 Ohm source.

Compensation Tables

Compensation tables* are normalized lists of level against frequency used to compensate for frequency non-linearity in transducers such as antennae. The tables are stored as files. Tables are created on a PC using PSA-Manager software, and can use imports from CSV files as well as table and graphical editing.

*The Offset and Compensation Tables function requires option U02.