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PSA Series 5 hand-held RF spectrum analyzers: Limit lines

limit lines on screen
Limit lines on screen

limits menu
Limit menu

Limit lines and patterns

The limits function* enables lines and patterns to be displayed for comparison with the swept trace.

Limit lines are simple horizontal lines that can be set to any required amplitude level.

Limit patterns are derived from tables of level against frequency that are stored as files. They can include straight or angled lines, and are automatically interpolated between points. Patterns are created on a PC using PSA-Manager software, and can use imports from CSV files as well as table and graphical editing.

Two limit lines or patterns can be displayed simultaneously.

Limits comparator

In addition to visual comparison, a limits comparator* can be employed which can be used to halt the sweep, generate an audible warning or output a pulse, or save the trace within a log file.

Conditions of above, below, inside or outside can be defined, and the frequency span for comparison can be restricted using markers.

* The Limits function requires option U02