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PSA Series 2 hand-held RF spectrum analyzers: Setting of Frequencies

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Frequency Entry

All frequencies are entered in MHz to a maximum resolution of 1kHz. The frequency entry screen replaces the standard key set and leaves the trace area intact so that changes can be made repetitively without leaving the screen. Entries can be made using a numeric keypad or a tab/jog system.

Centre or start/stop frequencies can also be stepped by any required value. The step size can also be set to Auto which then steps in graticule divisions (span/10). Six non-volatile frequency presets are provided which offer quick and simple access to commonly used frequency spans (this is in addition to state storage and set-up storage using files).

Convenience functions for quickly setting appropriate frequency spans are Set Centre to Peak, Set Centre to M1, Set Start to M1 and Stop to M2, Zoom In/Out, Set Span to Marker Difference. Similar single key convenience functions are available for setting step size.