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PSA Series hand-held RF spectrum analyzers: Support

PSA series

PSA Series Support

Instrument Firmware

Occasional updates may be made to the instrument firmware to improve performance or correct bugs.

Firmware can be updated using a USB Flash drive. To check for the latest version, please check on the Aim-TTi Support Page.

Instruction Manuals

The latest version of the instruction manual can be downloaded from the Aim-TTi Support Page.

Options U01 and U02

Option U01 is a firmware upgrade for a PSA series 2, option U02 is a firmware upgrade for a PSA series 5. For more information about the options or instructions for redeeming an activation voucher, please go to the firmware options page.


For details of available options and accessories, please visit Optional Accessories for PSA series 2 and 5

PSA-Manager Software

PSA-Manager is a free Windows application that provides additional facilities for all PSA models . There is also an additional application called PSA-View. To download the latest version of PSA-Manager or PSA-View please visit the Aim-TTi Support Page.