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PSA Series 5 hand-held RF spectrum analyzers: Scan Mode

PSA Series 5 Scan Mode screen

High Resolution Scan Mode

The normal sweep mode of the analyzer collects and displays 271 points of data across the span. In Auto RBW mode the resolution bandwidth will be set to be appropriate for this number of points.

There are circumstances where it may be useful to observe a span at much higher resolution than is possible using a normal sweep.

Scan Mode* is an entirely different mode of operation in which a narrow RBW can be set resulting in a much higher number of data points being collected - up to 210,000 points.

This data is written to a file, the contents of which are displayed in a compressed form. Pan and zoom functions allow any part of the scan to be analyzed in detail right down to one pixel per point.

Scan files can be saved in a similar way to trace files, and exported as CSV data for use with PSA Manager or other third party analysis programs.

*The Scan Mode function requires option U02.