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PSA Series 5 hand-held RF Spectrum Analyzer

PSA6005 handheld RF spectrum analyzer from Aim-TTi Click for Larger Image

PSA3605 - 3.6GHz; PSA6005 - 6.0GHz

the PSA series 5 RF spectrum analyzers - bench-top performance, handheld convenience

- Now with high resolution Scan Mode -

The PSA Series 5 is the latest and highest performance handheld RF spectrum analyzer from Aim-TTi with capabilities up to 6GHz.

It complements the existing PSA Series 2 by offering a significantly expanded feature set similar to that found on analyzers costing several times as much.

Advanced digital processing is used to expand facilities and offer exceptional value for money.

Frequency capability is 3.6GHz (PSA3605) or 6GHz (PSA6005).

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