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PSA Series 5 hand-held RF spectrum analyzers: Colour Touchscreen

Colour Touchscreen

The PSA Series 5 uses a 4.3" (11cm) TFT colour touch screen. This has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels.

The image to the left, when viewed at its full size*, shows a pixel for pixel representation of the PSAxx02 screen.

The screen shows an 8 x 10 division graticule with annotation. The graticule can be suppressed when required. Single or dual markers provide absolute or difference readouts and feature "peak-find" and "peak-track" modes. The "Live", "View" and "Reference" traces are shown in contrasting colours.

Storage is provided for up to 999 each of traces, states, screen images and set-ups.

Operation is by an intuitive two level user interface using soft keys on the touch screen or by hard keys. The screen also provides context sensitive help screens and full instrument status.

*Pixel for Pixel screen view: If this is scaled by your browser, it will no longer be pixel for pixel. Additionally, since your screen is unlikely to have the same pixel pitch as the PSA series 5, it is unlikely to be displayed actual size. You can click the image itself to see it in isolation - as long as your screen is more than 300px wide, you should see it at full resolution.