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PSA Series 5 hand-held RF spectrum analyzers: USB Host and USB Device

USB Host connection
USB Host connection

USB device connection
USB Device connection

USB Host for Flash drives

A standard USB type A connector is provided for use with USB Flash drives.

These can be used as general storage and backup devices, or as a convenient way of transferring data to and from a PC.

They also enables updates and upgrades to the firmware to be loaded.

USB Device for direct PC connection

A USB mini-B connector is provided for direct connection to a PC as USB device.

This enables the PC to access the filing system of the instrument for direct transfer of files to and from the appropriate directories of the internal disk drive.

A suitable USB cable is included with the product.

The connection can also be used with PSA-View* which enables the screen of the instrument to be displayed on a PC at any size.

*View on PC requires option U02