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PSA Series 5 hand-held RF spectrum analyzers: Trigger Functions

Trigger connection

Trigger In/Out

The analyzer is fitted with an external trigger socket which can act as an input or an output. The socket is a 3.5mm mono jack, and an adaptor is supplied that converts it to a standard BNC socket.

Sweep Trigger

The analyzer sweep* can be externally triggered to start a single sweep or stop a repeating sweep. Automatic or manual re-arming can be selected. Sweep triggering can also be generated from the limits comparator function.

Limits comparator

The limits comparator* can be set to create a variety of functions including generating an output pulse on the trigger socket.

Logging Trigger

The logging* function can be set to add entries in response to the external trigger input as an alternative to manual, timer or limits comparator.

*The Trigger, Sweep trigger, limits and logging functions requires option U02