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PL-P Series Programmable DC Supplies

PL303-P front panel
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PL303-P rear panel
Rear panel without the GPIB option fitted. Larger Image

Advanced Bus Programmable DC Power Supplies

Interfacing to every application, the PL-P Series is the bus programmable version of the PL Series linear regulated power supply series from TTi.

The New PL-P series includes all of the manual control features of the New PL series, but adds comprehensive remote control facilities. The ultra-compact rack-modular sizing makes it ideally suited to rack mounted system applications, while its user-friendly manual controls are retained for bench top applications. Digital Interfaces to meet the varying needs of today's engineers, a comprehensive array of interfaces is provided. RS-232, USB and LAN (Ethernet) with LXI support are provided as standard. Each of the digital bus interfaces provides full control of voltage, current, and output on/off, plus read-back of voltage, current and status.

RS232 or RS423 interface USB interface LAN interface conforming to LXI

Analogue Remote Control

Analogue control logo Single output PL-P units include non-isolated analogue voltage control of voltage and current. Analogue control outputs are also incorporated to enable easy parallel connection of multiple units in a master-slave configuration.

Terminals for remote on/off control are also provided.

GPIB (option G)

GPIB logo Further versions of the products are fitted with a GPIB (IEEE-488) interface. These models retain all of the other interfaces (Analogue, RS232, USB and LAN/LXI) giving them even greater flexibility.

Rear Terminals and Rack Mounting

Power and sense terminals are duplicated on the rear panel for rack mount applications or other situations where rear connection is more appropriate.

An optional rack mount kit is available which accepts up to four single output units, or a combination of single and dual output.

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