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PL Series DC Supplies: Quad-mode

Multiple output modes on Dual and Triple output models - even more flexibility


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quad mode switch both on/off switches


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Four modes of operation

The PL303QMD is more than just two PL303 single power supplies in one box. It has four modes of operation :
  • Independent:

    The two outputs are completely independent and electrically isolated from each other.
  • Isolated Tracking:

    The two outputs remain electrically isolated, but the voltage control of the Master output sets an identical voltage on the Slave output. Isolated Tracking enables the user to create two rails of either polarity and to reference them to different grounds if necessary (e.g. digital ground and analogue ground) offering maximum flexibility.
  • Isolated Ratio Tracking:

    As above, but the Slave voltage can be set to any percentage of the Master voltage and will retain that percentage ratio as the Master voltage is varied.
  • True Parallel:

    All of the power (up to 180 watts) is channelled to the Master output which can consequently supply up to 6 amps. The Slave output is turned off and its meters are blanked. In Parallel mode the unit becomes a single 180W power supply, with the current meter operating to 6 amps.

Simultaneous control of both outputs

The Both-On/Both-Off buttons are in addition to the individual switches for each output, and allow both outputs to be turned on or off synchronously by a single button press. Synchronous switching of the outputs is of increasing importance for circuitry which can be damaged if one voltage rail is present without the other.

Triple output model

The new triple output model builds upon the success of the PL303QMD and also offers an enhanced replacement for users of the PL330QMT from the previous PL series.

The PL303QMT has identical features to the PL303QMD but has a full performance third output with a low voltage, high current capability.

This third output can provide 0 to 6V to a resolution of 1mV, at currents up to 8A. All of the features of the main outputs are incorporated including S-Lock, V-Span, selectable remote sensing, and a low-current range with 0.1mA resolution.

The Both-On/Both-Off control of the dual is replaced by an All-On/All-Off function.

The size is 3/4 rack, so that one triple plus one single could be accommodated within a standard rack width.