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MX Series DC Supplies - Compact Case Style, Smart Front Ventilation

MX100TP and MX100QP

Compact 3U casing

The MX100T and MX180T are housed in a compact ½ width case that uses minimal bench space. A 4U rack kit capable of mounting one or two units is available as an option. The MX100Q and MX103Q are ¾ rack width and one unit fits in the same 4U rack kit. A ¼ width blanking panel is supplied with the rack kit.

Front input ventilation and smart fan

Front input and rear exhaust ventilation ensures that no additional space is needed top or bottom within a rack environment and that other units can also be stacked on top without compromising cooling.

On the bench, the absence of vents in the top panel means that the unit is less vulnerable to liquid spills or small objects falling inside.

Cooling uses an intelligent fan that produces very little noise but speeds up at higher dissipation levels.